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Course Details

Before your course is activated you need to send us a copy of your citation and the front and back of your driver's license via fax, email, or picture message. After the citation and driver's license has been received and confirmed you will be notified by email that your course has been activated. You may then login and begin taking your online course.

NOTE: Per Arizona law, you must complete your online defensive driving course 7 days prior to your court date or court assigned due date.

This course is approved by the Arizona Supreme Court. The goal of's online course is to closely recreate the classroom environment (testing and security measures) as closely as possible. This will ELIMINATE any need for a FINAL EXAM on the course content. There is an environmental quiz upon completion of the course which will only test users on the functionality of the course. The answers to these questions are clearly given throughout the course to ensure the user was paying attention.

This course is 240 minutes in length with 11 modules with topics in each. Videos and graphics are used to enhance the learning process. Considering the average Internet speed connection, we have created each module to open in a reasonable amount of time in normal conditions. After studying the program we have found that using videos along with animation and images are more educational and interesting which makes it easier for you to complete the course.

No Final Exam!

Notice: In this course you will have 25 environmental questions displayed throughout modules that you will have to remember. At the end of the course these questions will be asked and you must get 80% correct in order to pass. This is not a test, they are environmental questions to verify if you were the registered user taking the course.

You are also provided with optional quiz questions at the bottom of each module.

Commercial Driver's License Holders

If you have a commercial driver's license, you are not eligible to attend Defensive Driving School to have your ticket dismissed, even though you may be ordered to take the online course by the court. This is true even if you were driving your personal non-commercial vehicle at the time that the citation was given.