On the Job and Office Safety

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Office Safety

Effective job safety and health add value to the workplace and help reduce worker injuries and illnesses.

Responsibilities as an employer?

If you are an employer covered by the OSH Act, you must provide your employees with jobs and places of employment free from recognized hazards that are causing, or are likely to cause, death or serious physical harm and sickness. Among other actions, you must also comply with the OSHA statutory requirements, standards, and regulations.

What if your company had a safety course or a refresher course and training that took place anywhere, anytime as long as you or your employees had an internet connection? has the capability of making that come true, and at the same time enhance employee skills. With the economy in the state that it is currently in we can save your company thousands of dollars and time. The savings would come as follows:
  1. Instructor pay.
  2. Generate cost savings over having the instructor travel to various locations to repeat the same instruction.
  3. Instructor pay on preparing and setting up material for the class.
  4. Savings on paper work.
  5. Pay for an instructor to teach a class.
  6. Employees removed from their work place.
  7. Costs by eliminating travel.
  8. Facility fees.
  9. Time away from the office.

On the Job Safety

Deliver interactive training to employees anywhere, anytime, with final exams and a certificates of completion. Employers, at the same time, keep track of which employee has viewed which training session and the progress of each individual.

Enable self-paced learning through anytime access to archive customized training sessions. Individuals actively engage with interactive capabilities such as video, real-time quizzes, and final exams. Why have your key employee(s) impact business performance when they call out sick for the day or longer? Cross train all your employees online to ensure your business performance is never impacted when key employees are out. This is also a way for employees to take advantage of customized training programs to improve their chances of advancement and help your business grow. Online Office/Job Safety Contact Form
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