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The IllumiJack would like to present the IllumiJack! The IllumiJack is a new and innovative design on an tried and true product. The IllumiJack takes any vehicle jack and illuminates it to provide better visibility and safety in a nighttime or low light envoronment. By incorporating the patented process of applying reflective material on any vehicle jack, the IllumiJack now provides added comfort and safety when stranded or in need of a tire change in low or no light conditions. Its use of reflective material removes the need for batteries and ensures that the IllumiJack will function at all times. For more information please visit or email

Click below to view a demo of the IllumiJack!

Accident Stories

Have you witnessed or experienced an accident that you would like to share? Do you know what could have been done to avoid the accident? Or do you have a story regarding an individual changing a tire in high or low light conditions? Do you have your own personal experience you would like to share where you may have not felt safe with the vehicle jack you currently own or used? Feel free to send us your story! We may even post your story and pictures on our homepage! Help us help people become more aware of their surroundings and the dangers involved with driving unsafely. Online Contact Us Form
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