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Arizona Teen Safety Program Traffic School provides some of the most updated traffic school course content and state regulation information. We provide a variety of online traffic school courses for numerous states nationwide. Select your state from the map below to begin your registration process!

Traffic School for Citation/Point Dismissal

In most states when a citation is received points will be assessed to your driver's license. When a certain number of points are obtained the Department of Motor Vehicles or regulating agency may suspend your license and refuse you the privilege to drive. Online traffic school, such as the ones offered by, are a way to prevent or remove existing points from your driver's license record. Each state has a different set of rules and regulations that you and must follow. Click on your state below to see what types of traffic school are allowed to be taken and what they will achieve.

Traffic School for Court/DMV Order

Typically when you are ordered to attend traffic school it is usually due to the number of points on your driver's license record or your collective driving record brought to the attention of a public/court official. At that time you may be ordered to attend traffic school in your state to help remove or reinstate your driver's license. You will then come to an agreement made between you and the court or Department of Motor Vehicles (or regulating agency) as to what the result of you completing an online traffic school will obtain. Click your state below to see what we offer in your area!

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